About Me


I am Jonathan Lewis Williams,  an unpublished writer from northern Mississippi, you know… that states that somehow sucks at nearly everything except producing talented and famous writers, musicians, singers, songwriters, and artist like no other.  My dream is to one day join their ranks; what an honor it would be just to sit on the bench of a team of such artists as B. B. King, Tennessee Williams, Elvis Presley,  Edora Welty, Morgan Freeman, Jim Henson, John Grisham, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and, as they say, the list goes on.

My greatest profession interest lies in writing “Fantastic Historical Fiction.”  No, I am not conceited; I mean historical fiction that bears many aspects of fantasy (usually ‘low’ fantasy) such as magics, mythical beasts and races, gods, goddesses, lost cities, and hidden realms.  For a current example of the sub-genre, I highly recommend Naomi Novik’s Temeraire series: the world of the Napoleonic era where wars are fought not only on fields of earth and the decks of ships, but on the backs of dragons as well.

I hope you enjoy the reading and find some reflection of your own world in the tales from mine.

Warm hearths and good hunting,

J. Lewis Williams


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